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Keep your teambuilding low budget

At Funkey, we offer hundreds of different team-building activities, varying in category and price range. Whether you have a generous budget or are working with limited resources, we have the perfect options for you. Don't worry if you have a small budget for your team-building day; in this article, we share valuable tips to make your team-building affordable yet unforgettable. From creative low-cost activities to smart savings tips, we help you get the most out of your budget without sacrificing fun and effectiveness.

A few tips to keep your team building low budget

1. Opt for an unguided activity

Consider a fun city game or an exciting escape game for your next team-building event. These unsupervised activities fall into the more affordable segment as everything is managed via your smartphone. This makes them not only cost-effective but also flexible and easy to organize. You incur no additional costs for supervision or materials, and you can tailor the activity to suit the pace and preferences of your team. Additionally, these activities can be booked starting from €15 per person, making them an excellent option for budget-conscious solutions.

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2. Save money on the location

A team-building event at an external venue can often be expensive. Therefore, consider organizing the event at our partner’s location, at your own location, or in the office. Local youth centers or sports clubs are also creative and cost-saving options.

3. Provide your own delicious catering

Join forces and cook together in a fun and social way. Ask everyone to prepare a small dish, and before you know it, you’ll have a delicious and varied tapas buffet. This gives everyone a chance to showcase their culinary talents, and you’ll be amazed at the hidden chefs in your team. Additionally, cooking and eating together creates an informal and relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels at ease and the team spirit is strengthened.

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These cheap activities are what you are looking for!

The Alchemist

Starts at 20 euros per participant

Rediscover your favorite city in Belgium by participating in this urban adventure! This is a great team-building activity that allows you to explore the city in a unique way. Moreover, it provides a fantastic opportunity to build a strong bond with your colleagues as you solve various puzzles together. It’s an original way to get to know both the city and your teammates better while having fun in a challenging and interactive setting.

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Paparazzi on the run

Starts at 20 euros per participant

Experience an exciting adventure in a any location as paparazzi and discover everything about your team. Based on a questionnaire filled by the players prior to the game, we create a unique game, making this the perfect way to get to know your colleagues better. In this exciting game, you take on the challenge of finding the juiciest and most fascinating stories about your team and then submitting them to the editors.

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Starts at 20 euro per participant

The beach sports activities are perfect for a staff party or team celebration. Discover who are the real beachboys or beachgirls of the group! In the beach sports activity you can choose from; beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach handball, foot volleyball and ultimate frisbee or a combination of these.

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