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Why choose Funkey for your team building?

Do you want to organize a team building event but you don’t know where to start? Funkey would be delighted to help you!

Funkey is the platform with the largest team building offer in Belgium: you can choose from more than 400 original teambuilding activities from about 150 partners. We do not organize any activities ourselves, but we put you in touch with our partners and take care of all the practical matters right up to the booking. You can request a quote immediately through the simple online system. Funkey will provide you with a quote within 24 hours. Meanwhile an availability request for your chosen date and activity has already been received by our partner. Practical, isn’t it?

How much does Funkey charge for the service?

With regard to the activities, we charge exactly the same rates as our partners. You only pay a small service cost. The service cost will only be settled after approval of the quotation. Requesting a quote is always free.

Where can I find the price of an activity?

You will find a budget indication per person and in most cases also a price calculator on the activities page. Please note that this is only an indication. The price will vary depending on the chosen location (rental, transport costs…) and/or catering. If you want to know the exact price, it is best to ask for a quotation without obligation, which you can expect within 24 hours.

Does Funkey offer bespoke team building events?

Absolutely! At Funkey we tailor every price quote to your needs and budget. We always start from your request for a quotation for activities on our platform, but for physical activities we will also look for a suitable location, catering, transport and, where require, accommodation.

How can I request a quote?

Surf to the activity of your choice. You can always request a quotation without any obligation at the bottom of this activity. This is the quickest way to get everything set up and to check whether your chosen date is available. You will receive a customized offer with extra information about the activity within 24 hours.

I am looking for a team building scheme but don't know yet which activity to choose

Our platform contains about 400 original, fun activities. There is something for everyone. To help you find your way around in our offer, you can make a selection on our homepage based on region, number of people, budget and type of team building activity.

The type of team building activity can be found on the website under the main menu ‘Categories’. Here you can find inspiration for choosing a theme: active, cultural, culinary, game, workshop or party.

Of course, we are also happy to help you personally if you need tailored advice. You can always send an e-mail to, chat with or call our enthusiastic Funkey team.

How can I know if the activity will be available on my chosen date?

When you request a quote through our platform, our partner will receive an e-mail immediately to check for availability. Of course, nothing finalized yet. If the partner confirms the availability, you will also receive an automatic confirmation e-mail. When confirming the booking, we will check whether the partner is still available.

I want more information about the team building content

After your request for a quotation without obligation, we will always send you a cost estimate and an extensive information sheet with more explanations about the activity, the game content and more practical information.

I would like to request catering

Funkey can provide catering upon request, but only for groups with more than 20 participants. For smaller groups we advise you to book a restaurant yourself. This is not only more budget-friendly, but also an easier way to meet your team’s requirements. You always have to take account of an additional cost for the organization of your catering.

Where can my team building activity take place?

More than 80% of the activities we offer are arranged at a place of your choice.

Otherwise, we will indicate it in the information sheet for the activity that you will receive with your quote request. For groups with fewer than 20 participants we always ask you to provide your own location.

Not only is this more budget-friendly, but this way you can also choose a location that is easily accessible for the entire team. Feel free to contact us to see if your chosen location is suitable for the team activity.

If you still want to use Funkey to organise a location, this is only possible for groups of more than 20 participants and you have to take into account a surcharge (which depends on the location itself).

More information about the possible location requirements is provided in our information sheets.

Is Funkey present at the activities?

In most cases we are not. We leave the supervision of the teambuildings to our professional partners.

Only in rare cases of large team events with several different partners and suppliers, a coordinator of Funkey is present to make sure there is a single point of contact, where you can ask all your questions, who makes sure everything goes as planned.

Until when can I confirm the exact number of participants?

The actual number of participants can be changed up to 14 days before the team building day. Changes communicated later cannot be made. You will therefore have to pay for the confirmed number of participants.

How does invoicing work?

Once your team building event has been planned with our partners and the quote has been accepted, you will receive an automatic e-mail requesting that you send us all the billing details. Fourteen days before the team building date you must provide us with the final number of participants and you may expect the actual invoice. The payment term is 14 days as of the invoice date. You are also advised to read our general terms and conditions, which are also included in our offer. You can consult them here.

Do you have to pay a deposit?

Yes, your confirmation is final only after you have paid a 50% deposit.

Can a booked activity be cancelled?

If a booking gets cancelled due to force majeure (exceptional weather conditions, Covid-19,…), you always receive a voucher for the value of the booking, so that the activity can take place another time. Provide proof of payment for this invoice in good time and we will then send you the voucher.

If the booking gets cancelled without force majeure then Funkey charges the costs that have been made to organise your activity. Generally speaking this compensation is a flat rate of 50% of the agreed price, but Funkey reserves the right to claim payment for higher actual damages.

In case the agreement or the activity gets cancelled without an event of force majeure less than 14 days before the start of the activity, you will be charged the full cost of the activity.


Measures taken concerning Covid-19

For all your questions regarding Covid 19, please refer to our landing page.

Cancellation because of Covid-19

If a booking gets cancelled due to force majeure (exceptional weather conditions, Covid-19,…), you always receive a voucher for the value of the booking, so that the activity can take place another time. Provide proof of payment for this invoice in good time and we will then send you the voucher.