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Frequently asked questions

For Funkey partners

How do I upload a new activity?

Go to Activities in your dashboard and click on the Add new activity button here:

This button will take you to the upload form.


Start by uploading a main image. This is the image that our users will see in the activity overview. To upload it, click on Upload Product Image:

A pop up will now appear with two tabs at the top:  Upload files and Media library. Click on Upload files.

Now click on the Select files button to upload a new image. Once you have selected a file on your computer, a “load bar” will appear.  Wait until it disappears and then click on the Set featured image in button at the bottom:

In addition to the main image, it is a good idea to include additional photos so that our users can get a good idea of the activity you are offering.

To do this, click on the plus sign below the main image:

A pop up will appear once again. Repeat the same process as for adding the main picture to include these additional photos.


Now enter the name of your activity, give it a short, fun introduction and a description.

Note! When copy pasting, please always paste without formatting/styles. This will prevent you from copying colours, fonts etc. from your original document or website.


Now select one or more categories for your activity. An accurate category will ensure that the right people can find your activity on Funkey.


Enter a price per person. This is a recommended price, exclusive of catering, transport, etc.  It gives people a quick idea of what they can expect and enables us to put the activity in the right price category.

If you want to give a discount on your activity, you can enter it in the Discount field. The discount must be a percentage and is optional needless to say.

Now enter the minimum and maximum number of participants and the duration. Finally, if you do not want to offer activities in the entire Benelux, you can uncheck the necessary regions.

Price calculator

Though not mandatory, the price calculator is strongly recommended. It enables our users to get an accurate idea of the price they can expect based on the number of participants:

Because setting up the calculator can be quite complex, we have provided a separate section in our FAQ: “How do I set up the calculator correctly?”.  You will find all information here.

Do not forget to save your activity with the Create product button at the bottom of the page.

You are all set.  Your activity has been uploaded, and we are now checking it. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as we publish it.

How do I set up the calculator correctly?

Our price calculator is a unique tool that offers our users instant transparency about the price they can expect based on the number of participants. This extra transparency will of course mean extra bookings for your activity. So we strongly recommend it.

Price per person vs price categories

Choose whether you want to work with a price per person (e.g. €25/participant) or with price categories first (e.g. €200 for 10-15 participants).


We’ll skip the second field for a moment and move on to the rows below it, where you can enter the rates for a certain number of participants:

Attention! The first row you enter is the minimum number of participants. This means that no calculation will be carried out with fewer than this number of participants!

If we were to make a calculation with the settings from our example above we would get the following:

  • 5 participants = 10x €30 = €300 (because 10 is the number of participants in the first row and thus the minimum number)
  • 11 participants = 11 x €30 = €330
  • 20 participants = 20 x €25 = €500

The same principle applies when you have chosen price classes instead of prices per person in the first step. Let’s take the following example:

If users were to calculate with this in the calculator they would get the following results:

  • 5 participants = €300 (because 10 is the number of participants in the first row and thus the minimum number)
  • 11 participants = €300 (because between 10-20 participants)
  • 40 participants = €650 (because above 30 participants)

Fixed costs

If there are any additional fixed costs that were not included in the rows you just determined, you can add them in this field. They will be simply added to each calculation.

Suppose our fixed costs are €250.  Our first example just now becomes:

  • 11 participants = 11 x €30 + €250 =€580
  • 20 participants = 20 x €25 +€250 = €750

If you can’t manage the calculation yourself or would you like us to check it for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to help.

How do I create translations for my activity?

When you add translations you make your activity visible to a non-Dutch speaking and therefore a larger target audience. It also shows that you are offering the activity in these languages as well.

Translating an activity is very simple. Go to Activities and click on the plus icon under one of the flags to translate the activity into another language:

You will now be redirected to another language version of the website, i.e. you will suddenly see some texts on the website in a different language. This is normal.

Enter a title, introduction, description and duration and click on the red button below to save the translation.

If you go back to the overview of your activities, you will see that a foreign language version of the activity is now available:

Do you want to return to your original activities? Click on the language switcher in the navigation bar and select the original activity language.

What are "Inactive activities"

If your activity appears under Inactive activities, it is because you are not the main provider of this activity. When this activity is requested, the main provider will be contacted first. Only when the latter is fully booked, will we assign the request to you.

This also means that you cannot edit the activity yourself because you are not the main provider.

Can I advertise Funkey activities that I do not offer myself on my website?

Yes, you can. Funkey offers an affiliate programme with an API that enables you to send requests for activities posted on your website directly to our system. We will follow up on the requests and you will receive a commission per booking.

Please contact us for more information on our affiliate programme.

How does your pricing commission work?

We always charge the same price to the customer that you would charge directly to the customer. We take 15% commission. No cure, no pay. So as long as your activity is not booked through our platform, you don’t have to pay us anything.

How does the invoicing work?

The customer is invoiced through Funkey. You can invoice the cost of your activity and send the invoice to [email protected]. The invoice amount is the total amount minus the agreed commission. What should you always mention on the invoice?

  • Customer details
    • Deal reference number
    • Customer name
  • Name of the activity as it appears on our website
  • Cost per person (exclusive and inclusive of VAT) + the VAT percentage charged
  • Commission deducted from total amount